Hi world, I'm going to tell you a storie called The Tomb Of hieroylyphics!!!!

chapter 1 the school trip

Once there was a group of people that had a school trip to go on, it was to a tomb because there topic is Ancient Egypt, so they go on there school trip. After a little while on the bus they stared to sing some songs, but there was five people that were not singing, there names are Ellie, Nicole, Faiza, Jamie and Bobby. After they came of the bus they went into the tomb, but they got lost, it was only the five people I said before. There were no were to be seen they shouted"help, help, please help us", so after that they just walked aroundthe tomb and they seen......Ancient Egypt hieroylyphics.....what shall they do next dun dun duuuun!!!

chapter 2 in the tomb

After a few hours they still don't know what to do about the hieroylyphics, so they