Hi everyone, I'm going to tell you my next storie called The Hanuted House Of Doom!!!

Once there was a boy called Richard and a girl called Rolanda.It was hallowen night and all of Richard and Rolanda's friends were out trick or treating.After a little while Richard and Rolanda went out and saw some old friends like Rachel, Jamie, Bobby, Stuart, Daniel and Nicole, so they went over to see them and said"hi whats up everyone" and Nicole said"who are you".Rolanda said"it's us, your best friends", thats Richard and I'm Rolanda, so Nicole said"oh is that who you are".

After everyone said"I saw a house, lets go into it" so they did.They got to the house and everyone said"I'm not going into that old dump", but Richard, Bobby, Rolanda and Nicole said" I'll go into the house". After a little while they went into the house, but the house was hanuted dun dun duuuuuun, but they did not know that.After a little while Richard and Rolanda walking through a stuipid door so Richard banged the door shut, but Rolanda wanted to get out and so did Richard....the door was locked so they could not get out.After , they were walking into the to be continued dun dun duuuun!!!